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All for Light and Life

Fluence creates lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production.

Food Cultivators

Increase the efficiency, productivity, and quality of your operation and create a more predictable revenue stream with optimal light all year long.

Cannabis Cultivators

Get denser and more potent flower with enriched cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles by gaining greater control over your light spectrum and intensity.

Become an Authorized Reseller

Grow your business and maximize your revenue as a Fluence Authorized Reseller.

LED Grow Lights Designed for Commercial Horticulture

Indoor and greenhouse cultivators, take advantage of bigger, higher-quality yields, and lower operating costs with 365-day production enabled by Fluence LED grow lights. Using targeted light spectrums to optimize a plant’s growth at every stage of its development, Fluence LEDs use far less energy and space than legacy lighting systems. That means more revenue per square foot for your grow operation.

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