Exploring The Interaction Between Life & Light

Ray - Versatility for any growing environment| Commercial LED Grow Lights
Spydr - As powerful as it is precise | Commercial LED Grow Lights
Vypr - A powerful & efficient alternative to the status quo | Commercial LED Grow Lights
Razr - A fresh start to a perfect harvest | Commercial LED Grow Lights
Ray - Versatility for any growing environment| Commercial LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights Designed for Commercial Horticulture

Fluence Bioengineering LED-based lighting systems are designed to provide high levels of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) ideal for commercial cultivation and research applications from microgreens to cannabis. From sole-source indoor grow lighting to supplemental greenhouse lighting, we custom tailor our light spectrum and form-factors to optimize plant growth and increase yields while consuming less energy and reducing operating costs versus legacy technologies. Learn More

Built to the Highest Standards

All of our LED-based grow lights are built in the United States and ship globally. Our manufacturing process includes a combination of state-of-the-art robotics and hand-assembly at our headquarters in Austin, TX. At Fluence Bioengineering, our grow lights are ETL listed and come with a 3-year or optional 5-year warranty. Learn more

Increase Revenue. Increase Consistency. Decrease Operating Costs.

Our commercial LED grow lights are designed around three financial drivers to help our clients achieve their cultivation and business objectives:

  1. Increase revenue per square foot
  2. Reduce operating costs per pound of finished product
  3. Deliver consistent, high quality, year-round crop production

We achieve this by building commercial grade horticulture lighting solutions that allow for optimized plant growth, HVAC system design, and plant process flow coupled with enhanced chemotype expression.

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