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Innovator Spotlight:
Solar Cannabis Company

Somerset, Massachusetts

How an energy-independent cannabis cultivator in Massachusetts became the new benchmark for sustainability

Solar Cannabis Company (formerly Solar Therapeutics) is the only energy-independent cannabis cultivation and dispensary facility in the U.S. In order to achieve the smallest energy footprint possible, Solar Cannabis Company understands there is always one more action it can take to optimize its operations. Their journey led them to Fluence. By implementing Fluence’s LED solutions, Solar Cannabis Company earned $1 million in local utility rebates. Solar Cannabis Company’s collaboration with urban-gro further improved operations through sustainable irrigation and optimized fertigation and watering systems. The company’s dedication to advanced controlled environment innovations has positioned Solar Cannabis Company at the epicenter of sustainability in cannabis cultivation.

Project Overview

Cultivator Name:Solar Cannabis Company
Location:Somerset, Massachusetts
Fluence Fixture:SPYDR
• Spectra: BROAD R4
• Veg: 550-580 PPFD
• Flower: 1020-1080 PPFD
Type of Facility:Solar-powered indoor
Results:• $1 million+ in total utility rebates from LED implementation
• Optimized and downsized HVAC equipment
• Investments in long-term sustainability goals


Finding the right technologyto achieve sustainability goals

Solar Cannabis Company’s indoor farms spans 67,000 square feet and is the only cultivation and dispensary facility in the U.S. that uses green infrastructure and microgrid assets. CEO and founder Edward Dow knew Solar Cannabis Company could achieve even greater efficiencies and long-term sustainability with the right supplemental lighting partner. Dow chose Fluence to design the optimal lighting strategy to maximize his facility’s sustainability efforts.

Capitalizing on rebate incentives for trickle-down savings and investments

Solar Cannabis Company’s uniquely designed facility lowers its energy profile by 40 percent, and its microgrid assets reduce remaining emissions by nearly 60 percent. The company’s microgrid generates approximately five megawatts of electricity—enough to power a small town—and its production architecture enables the facility to supply cannabis flower and cannabis-infused products throughout the state of Massachusetts. Dow has proven his continued commitment to efficiency by partnering with Fluence: Solar Cannabis Company is set to receive more than $1 million in total rebates from its local utility companies following their successful installation of LED technology. The rebates will be leveraged to downsize HVAC equipment and re-invest the resulting savings in technologies to further achieve long-term sustainability goals.

$1 million+ in total utility rebates from LED implementation

Optimized and downsized HVAC equipment

Investments in long-term sustainability goals

The possibilities for optimized energy efficiency and increased crop yields through LED technology are endless. The lack of unified sustainability practices and principles within the cannabis industry have created some major efficiency pain points that we all need to seriously consider. By leveraging Fluence’s LED technology, we were able to downsize our HVAC systems and invest the resulting savings into technologies that would allow us to achieve our long-term, sustainable facility design goals. Our partnership with Fluence has enabled us to bring this vision to reality and we can now redefine what it will take for the industry as a whole to become truly resource-efficient.” — David Cohen,
chief executive officer,
The industry and our customers have spoken: Broad-spectrum LEDs are the preferred solution to achieve critical cost efficiencies and cultivation goals. Cultivators who are implementing LED lighting solutions are optimizing energy costs, growing the most consistent plants and achieving unbeatable crop yields. Industry leaders like the Solar Cannabis Company are setting a new gold standard for sustainable cultivation practices, ensuring the cannabis industry thrives into the future.” — Edward Dow,
chief executive officer,
Solar Cannabis Company

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