Quality Engineer

Summary of Responsibilities: The Quality Engineer is responsible for the quality of Company products and works with departmental mangers, production staff, contract manufacturers and suppliers to ensure quality which minimizes the cost of rework or waste and maximizes customer satisfaction with the product. This position reports to the Director of Operations.


Key Functions Include:


Quality Standards

  • Establish, implement and maintain quality management systems to measure and control quality in the production process.
  • Define roles and responsibilities and work with designers to establish quality standards for individual products and set out the standards in documents and processes for the production team.
  • Quality systems should be based on independent standards, such as ISO 9000, as we work towards internationally recognized quality accreditation.


  • Develop performance measurements and reporting requirements that set quality metrics for each stage of the production process
  • Provide engineering support through selection of quality components and materials, best practices for product design (form, fit and function) and review of drawings and technical specifications for components, materials and products
  • Create documentation, such as quality manuals and procedures, and establish requirements for records management, document control and control of electronic data for the following:
    • Incoming on raw materials
    • Building instructions
    • Work in process testing and checks
    • Outgoing Finished Goods
    • Burn-in / testing
    • Tests, checklists, verification methods
  • Work with production staff to raise awareness of the importance of quality and train them in quality procedures. Provide quality inspectors with the tools to control quality on the production line.
  • Establish and maintain written product assembly instructions for a lean work environment, sub-assemblies and for external partners such as suppliers and contract manufacturers as needed


  • Analyze quality problems to identify root causes and implement corrective action. Take proactive measures, such as developing and implementing continuous improvement programs covering production processes and quality management systems.
  • Test procedures, testers, data collection and tracking, audit and report


  • Work with members of the supply chain to ensure the quality of raw materials, components or sub-assemblies meets the company’s quality standards. Agree on standards with suppliers and implement inspection processes to monitor incoming material, component specifications and supplier reviews and performance scorecards.

Contract Manufacturers

  • Work with contract manufacturers to ensure the quality of materials and production meet company’s quality standards. Agree on work/assembly instructions, quality requirements and manufacturing reviews and performance scorecards.

Customer Focus

  • Monitor feedback from customers to identify any quality concerns and liaise with customers to resolve any issues.


Required Qualifications:

  • Five years’ experience in Quality Engineer Management
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work well independently and as part of a team
  • Intrinsically motivated, accountable for own work product


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in …
  • Experience in (technology, science, agriculture, etc)


Working Conditions:

  • Position is located in Austin, TX
  • Traditional and non-traditional work hours required as needed to complete job objectives
  • Some travel required to visit contract manufacturers throughout Austin. Will need to use own vehicle.
  • Limited travel required to visit customer sites

Physical requirements include bending, lifting, sitting, standing, walking. Would not need to lift more than 50 pounds. Reasonable accommodations will be made for those with disabilities.

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