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Different environments require different lighting solutions. From ten-story vertical farms to 10,000 square feet sea-of-green operations, our systems are specifically designed for real-world applications with economic and physiological benefits.


VYPR provides a viable alternative to legacy lighting systems like high pressure sodium and metal halide that are producing a large shadow over the greenhouse cultivation industry (figuratively and literally).


With energy-efficiency hitting 2.3 μmol/J, a slim 2.75” wide form factor and  photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) up to 1080 μmol/s, we are on a path toward sustainably extending our photoperiod, extending our season and extending the possibilities for sustainable greenhouse crop production.


Growing in a greenhouse?


With precise photon delivery, flux control from 0 – 100% and spectra based on science for science, Fluence lighting systems are used by global research institutions – including Princeton University, the United States Department of Agriculture, University of Florida and Bayer CropScience – across a diverse range of studies from Geosciences to Food and Agricultural Sciences.

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