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High DLI crops like tomatoes, peppers and cannabis have been restricted to single-tier farming and outdoor cultivation due to limitations in electrical lighting. With SPYDRx PLUS, we have removed that barrier.

Turn 1,000 square feet of crop production into 5,000.

Vertical Farming

The SPYDRx family was purposefully designed for vertical farming with a thickness of only 4.6” and a mounting height just 6” from the top of a canopy.


With an average PPFD of 1,030 μmol/m2/s over a 4’x4’, SPYDRx PLUS is taking vertical farming to new heights.

Growing with aisles

Only light that is delivered to your plants can be absorbed by your plants. And only light that is absorbed can be used in a photochemical reaction. Light absorbed by aisles, walls or other structures within a room is simply wasted. The SPYDRx family is specifically designed for maximum photon delivery to your canopy. Less light to your aisles. More light to your crop.

Sea of Green

Wall-to-wall cultivation requires a unique photon distribution pattern compared to other indoor environments. Light uniformity, canopy penetration and efficiency are key factors to consistency of crop yield.


When paired over a 3’x4′, two VYPRx PLUS systems deliver extremely high and uniform levels of PPFD with an average of 1,080 μmol/m2/s. At 2.3 μmol/J, VYPRx PLUS is helping re-imagine energy-efficient, sustainable crop production.

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