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Increase greenhouse production. Reduce greenhouse gases.

Compared to a 1000W DE HPS system, VYPRx PLUS is 241% thinner for more sunlight penetration to your canopy and 21% more energy efficient.



 With VYPR and PhysioSpec Greenhouse, Fluence provides environmentally and economically viable solutions to increase crop production and quality while reducing our impact on the environment.

Virtually shadow free

VYPR is designed and constructed for a greenhouse environment.

 The primary goal is to deliver as much PAR as efficiently possible, while ensuring we do not block what mother nature already provides.

At 2.75” wide, we are satisfied with the result.

Wide photon throw pattern

Each VYPR system uses 1,000+ LEDs with a wide, pre-fixed optic designed for large, open areas.

This design methodology – coupled with high-performance PAR output –  delivers consistent, highly-uniform levels of PPFD for even the largest greenhouse structures.

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