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From broad white to high red, Fluence PhysioSpec™ offers a variety of spectral solutions to meet the growers’ needs in optimizing the lighting strategies for any crop at any growth stage or geographic location.

Four new spectra are now available in the latest VYPR top light series, at higher efficacies (up to 3.8 µmol/J) and higher photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) (up to 2330 µmol/s) per fixture over comparable lighting technologies.



By applying the latest research in photobiology and evidence-based design to lighting products and services, Fluence ensures growers not only have the right LED light fixture for their environment, but also the right spectrum to achieve the targeted crop quality and yield.

Our PhyisoSpec ™ spectra are developed to optimize and balance yield, crop quality and efficacy in various growing environments, and for various crops and cultivars, resulting in reduced operational expenses and improved yields.

Our PhysioSpec™ Offerings Include:

Broad Spectra

The light fixtures in BROAD Spectra are built with white LEDs or white LEDs mixed with one color of LED in a narrow spectral band, such as deep red LEDs.

BROAD spectra offer continuous spectral photon emission across PAR 400-700nm wavelength range, balancing energy efficiency with quality of light for desired plant response and human work environment.

Dual Spectra

The light Fixtures in DUAL Spectra are built with two colors of LEDs, each of which in a narrow spectral band, such as deep red LEDs and blue LEDs.

DUAL spectra feature two narrow spectral bands that maximize the energy efficiency, aiming to further reduce energy cost and operational expense.

Mono Spectra

The light fixtures in MONO Spectra are built with a single color of LEDs in a narrow spectral band, such as far-red LEDs, UV LEDs, etc.

MONO spectra are tailored for particular photomorphogenic responses at specific growth stages.


Growers know their crops and their respective cultivation environments the best. With our expanded PhysioSpec™ spectra, Fluence collaborates with innovative growers around the world to determine which lighting strategy makes the most sense for their farms in order to meet their individual yield and quality goals.

When selecting the appropriate spectrum, we work with growers to consider the following key factors: The geographic location of greenhouse, natural light level throughout the year, crop and cultivar selected for cultivation, growth stage of crop, plant response to light and quality of plant, production yield, and energy price and operational expense.

The geographic location of greenhouse
Natural light level throughout the year
Crop and cultivar selected for cultivation
Growth stage of crop
Plant response to light and quality of plant
Production yield
Energy price and operational expense

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Fluence’s horticulture services team develops and transfers best practices in applied horticultural lighting to cultivators, ensuring balance across critical environmental influences in plant growth and development. To determine a lighting strategy that works for you and your business, contact our horticulture services team today.

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