• About PAR, PPF, PPFD and DLI

    Helping growers understand how the science behind these terms can be used to determine proper light levels to grow happy, thriving plants.

  • Photosynthesis Guide

    Photosynthetic considerations for horticulture lighting — a discussion on properties of light and their influence on photosynthesis.

  • Guide to Photo-morphogenesis

    There may be other aspects of horticulture lighting systems to consider beyond providing a source of photosynthetic light.

  • Do plants use green light?

    Have you ever wondered why red and blue diodes have historically been the semiconductors of choice by lighting manufacturers?

  • How to Compare Grow Lights

    We'll start by highlighting the metrics you should never use when comparing horticulture lighting systems.

  • Rediscovering White Light

    Horticulture lighting technologies have improved dramatically over the past century, but manipulation of light spectrum is a fairly new concept.

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