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RAZR LED grow light
A fresh start to a perfect harvest.

From seedling and cutting propagation to full-cycle microgreen and leafy green cultivation, RAZR can do it all while using less.

Decrease consumption. Increase production.
At 2.2 µmol/J, RAZR is 162 percent more energy efficient than today’s standard propagation lighting system, while providing 350 percent more photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) *.  As impressive as they are, the tech specs are just the start.
Fluence RAZR LED grow light
Thin form factor for dense vertical farms.

RAZR is a mere 1.2 inches thin and designed for close-proximity deployment just five inches from top of canopy.
With a passive thermal management system directing heat away from your crop, RAZR is purposefully designed for dense vertical farming applications.

Fluence RAZR LED grow light


Optimized for microgreen and leafy green cultivation as well as
early-stage seedling and cutting propagation.

Product Data

Total photosynthetic photon flux (PPF): 200 µmol/s

Power consumption (watts): 91 typical

Electrical efficacy (µmol/J): 2.2

Weight (lbs.oz): 14.0

Spectrum: PhysioSpec

Fluence RAZRx LED grow light
Built for any environment.

RAZR is ETL approved for use in damp locations (wet location rating coming soon) and built with galvanized extruded aluminum for maximum resistance against any element.


The modular chassis scales from 17.9 inches to 22.8 inches wide to match optimal photon uniformity with your shelving system.


 Every RAZR comes standard with 0-10V dimming functionality to go from 0 – 200 µmol/s for the most sensitive seedlings to the most light-loving microgreens.

*Economic Analysis of Greenhouse Lighting: Light Emitting Diodes vs. High Intensity Discharge Fixtures. RAZR achieves 2.2 µmol/J in compared to fluorescent lighting at .84 µmol/J.

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